Mergers and acquisitions are big steps for both businesses involved. Forging a new path — whether through a larger company, a more narrowly focused enterprise or a new entity entirely — requires addressing countless legal and practical considerations.

At Wilson, Bradshaw & CAO, LLP, we provide the legal support essential for making these complex transitions a success. Our business attorneys have more than 50 years of combined experience handling a vast array of mergers and acquisitions. This breadth of experience gives us the ability to readily identify issues and propose workable solutions.

With offices in Orange County and New York City, we represent business clients across the country.

Benefit From The Combined Experience Of Our Legal Team

Whether you are the purchaser or seller, you can rely on our legal team for detailed legal advice on all aspects of the transaction. Our goal is to conclude the deal in an efficient, cost-effective and streamlined manner — without sacrificing quality or service.

We handle mergers, asset purchases, stock purchases, equity exchange transactions and other types of acquisitions, bringing value to the table by taking concrete steps such as:

  • Engaging in preliminary negotiations
  • Conducting due diligence
  • Preparing, reviewing and negotiating term sheets or letters of intent
  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating all merger and acquisition documents, including asset purchase agreements, stock purchase agreements and merger agreements
  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating all documents ancillary to the merger or acquisition transaction, including noncompete agreements and employment agreements
  • Forming new entities required to complete the transaction, such as a merger subsidiary in connection with a reverse-triangular merger transaction
  • Assisting with financing aspects of the transaction
  • Limiting exposure and liability of shareholders

We’ll work tirelessly to advance your business objectives — whether that means gaining a competitive edge, leveraging existing synergy or closing the doors to make way for something new.


To learn more about how our lawyers can protect the interests of your business, please call 800-642-6388 or contact us online.